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A UNESCO World Heritage Site


Stonehenge - Probably one of the most recognisable monuments in the world. The 5000 year old henge monument became a World Heritage Site in 1986 and is managed by English Heritage. Despite years of research and study the reason behind the construction of Stonehenge remains a mystery.

Stonehenge is a perfect shore excursion and a favourite tour for cruise ship passengers.

Location and route - Most other operators, including coaches, use the direct and sterile main highway A to B route. Your tour with Southampton Cruise Tours starts, from the time you board, not when you arrive at Stonehenge.

Travel Time Southampton Cruise Terminal - About an hour. The Southampton cruise ship excursion route offers a relax and countryside scenic experience with plenty to see on the way. Via Salisbury, Old Sarum and pretty thatched cottaged villages that line the River Avon that offer a great stop for a photo opportunity and to see the swans and ducks.

Heathrow - About an hour and a half travel using the direct main highway route. The relaxing scenic route awaits to Southampton.

Central London - Two to three hours.

Old Sarum & The Woodfords

Discover the story of the original Salisbury, 2 miles north of where the city stands now. The mighty Iron Age hill fort at Old Sarum was where the first cathedral once stood and the Romans, Normans and Saxons have all left their mark.

Old Sarum is on route from Southampton to Stonehenge via Salisbury.

Generally a tour of Stonehenge does not stop at the site due to due to available time and time sensitive entry to Stonehenge.

However, if time allows and weather permitting, you may wish to pay a visit for photos and views across to Salisbury. The Old Sarum site is subject to an entry fee and operated by English heritage. 

Of course, your tour can be adapted to fit a visit by adding it to the itinerary.

The Southampton Cruise Tour route passes Old Sarum and then deviates from the main route through the villages that make up the Woodfords and line the River Avon. 

Visitors' Centre

In 2014 the whole Stonehenge experience was transformed with a new Visitors' Centre located about a mile and a half from the stones. Incorporating modern technology to educate and inform making the Stonehenge learning experience interesting and engaging.


Knowledgable staff are on hand to enhance your visit. Ample shuttle buses adds continuity to and from the stones with audio commentary of adjacent historical points of interest.

A path around the Stonehenge give a 360 degree view with informative notices, plenty of photo opportunities and audi prompts for multi lingual tours.

I'm sure you will gain lots of additional questions for the return shuttle bus ride back to the Visitors' Centre.


The Visitors' Centre comprises of all that you will need to compliment your experience.

A modern Exhibition Area filled with a variety of artifacts, information boards and interactive displays.

Cafe for lights snacks (hot and cold) with Rest Rooms.

Souvenir Shop.


An hour is normally adequate at the Visitors' Centre.


Stone Circle & Henge

Shuttle buses run every few minutes from and to the 'stones' taking about five minutes along the private road to the Stop at the entrance.

Take your time around a one way walkway for photos and look out for the numbered posts located at points of interest. Your Audio Guide will tell you all about particular points of interest. 

Generally access is all around the Stone Circle with about 75% covered surface suitable for wheelchairs.


An hour at the 'stones' is normally adequate.


Your Local Personal Chauffeur

Whilst personal drivers are not qualified guides they have nonetheless accrued interesting knowledge and experience from frequent visits. Tripadvisor Customer Feedback will, hopefully, reassure prospective passengers of an enjoyable and informative driver experience.

Your local personal driver will be available for recommendations and guidance of how to make the best of your Stonehenge visit.

Generally, your personal driver will familiarise guests with facilities at the Visitors' Centre before boarding the shuttle bus. Remaining at the centre the driver will await your return. 

An ideal tour on route to London City and Heathrow Airport.

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Southampton Cruise Tours Page for service information.

Other suitable tours - Winchester Cathedral and CityJane Austen (Chawton)Salisbury Cathedral and City, Windsor Castle.


Tips & Recommendations

Booking your tickets - Pre-book using the English Heritage website. This guarantees entry at your arrival time. Tickets not included in the Southampton Cruise Tour Price.

Time of Visit - Stonehenge is very popular at certain times of the year and visitor volume can affect your enjoyment. Southampton Cruise Tours can advice for best visiting times.

Dress up for the Cold - Stoenhenge is located on exposed open countryside on top of a hill. At certain times of the year it can be cold wet and windy. Always bring warm clothing and wet weather gear. You can always leave them in the car if not needed. Umbrellas can be supplied but not much use in the wind.

Audio Guide or Not - Audio Guides are supplied with an added charge. Often, guests are happy not to use them but reply upon the information supplied at the Exhibition Area. You could share an Audio Guide between you. Alternatively, download the free Stonehenge app on your phone.

What to do first - Upon arrival your personal driver will introduce you to the Visitors' Centre facilities rest rooms, ticket kiosk and Audio Guides, cafe, souvenir shop, Exhibition Area and shuttle bus stop.

At all times you will know where your driver is or where he can be found.

After presenting your printed website take the shuttle bus to the 'stones' as avoiding the lines and crowds makes for a better experience. Upon your return, the Exhibition Area can answer any questions you may have and provide more to the story of the history of Stonehenge.

Combination Tours - The most popular tour combination is Stoenhenge with Salisbury Cathedral and city. A 6 hour hire period from Southampton. Ideal for returning to your cruise ship for 3-4pm.






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