Lacock Abbey National Trust Entrance
Lacock Abbey National Trust Entrance
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Lacock Abbey & Village

The village of  Lacock is located near Chippenham on the edge of the Cotswolds and about twenty minutes from Bath. Consider Bath City as a comination tour.

Ideally suited for a 'day' tour Southampton Cruise Tours. Even the route provides a pretty and stressfree journey through the English countryside. Avoiding the motorway and high speed roads, Southampton Cruise Tours travels via Salisbury, arriving at Lacock about an hour and a half from the port. 











In its 800 years of history, Lacock has been been many things; an Augustinian abbey, the home of a Tudor rogue, a Gothic ruin, the birthplace of photography, a location for a whole host of film and television productions, and a thriving community that exists to this day.

There is so much to see at Lacock; the medieval abbey turned family home, the history of photography and changing contemporary exhibitions, and the historic village with a modern way of life.

Visit the Fox Talbot Museum. 

William Henry Fox Talbot, polymath and pioneer of Victorian photography moved to Lacock Abbey in 1827 and created the earliest surviving photographic negative in 1835.

In a beautiful countryside setting with the River Avon adding to the view.

Visitors can take a walk around the grounds that include woods along a level and well maintained path.

So many photo opportunities and places to explore.

Lacock Abbey provides the perfect cafe for a rest with fresh cream teas, coffees, cake and light bites.

A cosy but airy atmosphere with all the ambience of the abbey. 

Excellent facilities accommodating disabled visitors with free wheelchair use, if required.

Lacock Abbey was originally founded in 1232 and for over 300 hundred years functioned as a nunnery with up to around 25 nuns.

The fine medieval cloisters, sacristy, chapter house and monastic rooms of the Abbey have survived largely intact.

Filming at Lacock village and abbey. Most famous appearances include 'Downton Abbey', the BBC's 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Cranford', and the films 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' and 'Wolfman'.





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